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ventilation system deep cleaning

Cleaning without the drama!

Ventilation Ductwork System Deep Cleaning

What does this include you may wonder? From greasy kitchen extract systems to general office extraction including the air being pumped into your premises and many more. All of these may have a requirement for surveying and/or cleaning.

How close are the premises under your responsibility to meeting the required standard? Do you know what the required standard is? Failure to ensure compliance to these standards may result in you falling foul of legislation and possible insurers demands I turn this can lead to both prosecution and possibly void insurance.

Where to start – Condition survey reports

It is essential to ensure you know what condition your ductwork systems are in.

Due diligence and duty of care must be proven and without regular and comprehensive audits, surveys and cleaning this is extremely difficult to accomplish. You may think your incumbent contractor is providing compliance or that you have no need but when was the last time you commissioned or carried out an independent audit or condition survey?

Prevention is better than cure so ensure you comply with legislation by bringing the professionals in to provide accurate surveys complete with recommendations and then the ability to complete deep cleaning for ventilation and air conditioning systems.

We have extensive experience of duct cleaning, ventilation system cleaning and the cleaning of clean air systems to a recognised industry standard – B&ES (formerly known as HVCA) TR/19 – which means the building’s ventilation system is well maintained, an essential requirement for securing and maintaining insurance policies.

Take a look at our example before and after images

ventilation system deep cleaningventilation system deep cleaning
ventilation system deep cleaningventilation system deep cleaning
ventilation system deep cleaningventilation system deep cleaning

Our comprehensive service comprises detailed reports and evidence including:

  • Digital images before and after works are carried out, as above
  • Hygiene validation certificates
  • System diagram showing access points and areas cleaned, inc. pre and post works deposit measurements.
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